About your donation

OSGrid is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, so to keep the grid online each month, we rely on your continued donations. We're a registered US non-profit organization, and manned exclusively by volunteer effort. While we appreciate single donations - we much prefer regular donations that allow us to balance our costs more effectively, the links below allow you to setup a ongoing recurring donation with us - from $5/mo to $100/mo.
(Donations are tax deductible for individuals and corporations that pay federal and state income taxes in the US)

Making a donation

As mentioned above - we strongly prefer a regular donation of $5.00 per month to a one-off payment of $50.00 This lets us
better plan for the growth of the grid. If 5% of the active userbase paid us $5.00 per month, it would be sufficient to permanently
keep the grid infrastructure online, and give us plenty of room to expand as we require.

If you use the grid regularly and have the capability - we would very much appreciate your financial support, especially if you
are a more active user of the central resources (such as asset and inventory)

You can use the table below to setup a recurring donation with us, if you want to make an ordinary one-time donation, please
use to send to or use the first button below.

One-Time Donations
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Recurring Donations






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