Changes to ini files and modules

OpenSim.ini changes for Mutelist and Profiles V2

;# {OfflineMessageModule} {} {Module to use for offline message storage} {OfflineMessageModule *}
;; Module to handle offline messaging. The core module requires an external
;; web service to do this. See OpenSim wiki.
OfflineMessageModule = OfflineMessageModule

;# {OfflineMessageURL} {OfflineMessageModule:OfflineMessageModule} {URL of offline messaging service} {}
;; URL of web service for offline message storage
OfflineMessageURL =

;# {MuteListModule} {OfflineMessageModule:OfflineMessageModule} {} {} MuteListModule
;; Mute list handler (Requires OpenSimMuteList module). MUST BE SET to allow offline
;; messages to work
MuteListModule = OpenSimMuteList

;# {MuteListURL} {OfflineMessageModule:OfflineMessageModule} {} {} http://yourserver/Mute.php
;; URL of the web service that serves mute lists. Not currently used, but
;; must be set to allow offline messaging to work.
MuteListURL =

;; Control whether group messages are forwarded to offline users.
;; Default is true.
;; This applies to the core groups module (Flotsam) only.
ForwardOfflineGroupMessages = false

GridCommon.ini changes for profiles V2

Remove this section:

; set the module for profiles

Module = "OpenSimProfile"

; Change it to your own HTTP server to have the Profile server work

ProfileURL =

and add this section

ProfileServiceURL =

And remove the file OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll from the bin folder if it exists.

Add the OpenSimMutelist.Modules.dll file to the bin folder.

Module binary is located at
Module source is located at