Update website

On this page you can see the progress of the update website.
Old to recent, please check the end of this page for see the new upgrade

Menu -> General = problem with color contrast ( All fixed )

Menu -> General = Fixe problem with Top menu ( All fixed )

Inworld Profile = ( change partner All fixed )
Infos: "This could include a link to the partner's web profile = people not use this and make trouble on a lot of viewer"

Menu regions -> Region Owner list : This could have a clickable SLURL link to teleport. = people not use this and make trouble on a lot of viewer

Menu Info -> Terms of service = fixed ( desabled Osgrid have no T.O.S for now )

Menu Info -> Agenda Osgrid = All fixed

Menu Info -> News = in process

Menu Info -> Donate = make a better look ( All fixed )

Menu Grid -> Grid Map = this page need a update later

Menu Grid -> Open Coordinates = All fixed

Menu Grid -> Download = All fixed

Menu Grid -> Users in World = done with tempory page make better later.

Menu Regions-> Purge = done with tempory page make better later.

Top bar -> Grid Stats = Change the color orange for black fixe the problem for firefox and opera ( All fixed )

Forum -> Same look of the website, yes but later.

Update of the 10/03/2017 :

General theme -> The new theme is approuved by the board administration.

Menu registration -> bad grammar Fixed

Menu Download -> Fixed link and problem grammar same for the old website

Menu item Info -> Current events: Need more work

Menu item Info -> Agenda Osgrid: Fixed for Events Calendar

Menu registration : Avatar selection: Add coloured / asian female and male avatars? = people need speak with dan for this

Menu help users make a simulator : Dan need make a better infos on it

Menu Account -> Empty Trash = fixed

Menu Aaccount -> When logged in, this make no sense:
Read before Registration: InWorld
By checking the box below.... which isn't there.

Paela: about this i can't make better for now sorry

Update 12/03/2017

Menu account -> Trash Help: Fixed

Menu top bar -> Change Join Now for Account user : in process ... (edit 10:06 am pst: Now peoples not log on the website see : Join Now and Login Account after the log peoples see: My account and Log out . this part is now totaly fixed )

Code Users -> Auto Migrate user with the mail: in process this week if i have time for this.

Menu regions -> Region Owner list : This could have a clickable SLURL link to teleport. = Added

Menu Events -> have moved on a new page all link on top menu changed

Home page -> all stuff removed use only the splash same of the older website

Update 22/03/2017
Fixe small bugs ccs on the website.
Starting make https ( SSL ) on all subdomain of osgrid. ( for infos only webpage working on SSL not the entire grid services )

Update 23/03/2017
Fixe part https for Forums www.osgrid.org Wiki Download ...
Fixe auto load https on request http

Update 01/09/2017
Upgrade the core of website
Fixe the problem robot try create a account for flood
Add the default of futur Region guide working with search inworld
Add the partner maj system with mail ( for now none can remove a partner but can change it or make avatar name he owned )
Add Admin stuff
Add donation and code php show donation with goal
Add system cache for optimized the website for users.
Fixe a problem on the login account
Fixe a problem on the css of the master website
Fixe a problem on region show in profile users
Add the part code User inworld linked with avatar ( not open at public need more work )
Remove the project of forum integrate on the website
Remove for now the widget Twitter problem with SSL
Add the real translate ( in french only for now ) linked with the brower language used ( desabled for now )
Fixe a problem with trash for users ( please clear your inventory cache in firestorm ) other viewer just relog

Update: 10/09/2017
Fixe Stats grid splash and website on square km
Fixe api donation for other website
Add the page fundraiser with user name and mail user
Fixe problem purge on the avi
Fixe spam both in website
Fixe the code for friend user see only where use it ( in process )
Fixe code show free land in website with Total Sorbet
Fixe code php mute ( in process )

Update: 15/09/2017
Add the remove partner for users just clic boolean and save !
Add a request for sure user want a partner !
Add new region list with options admin can purge region without need use terminal
Add other options in region guide
Add little more code for Purge region
Add a default show users Inworld with Region see desabled for now ( need more work )
Add events in search and websearch ( working only for admins now ) events work with the website doesnt need lsl stuff inworld
Start a code for user can see Inworld picture profile in the website
Start code for people see other stuff of profile and edit on the website too ( Web, interests, Classified and notes )
Add force clear cache for new users in grid stuff by the website stuff

Update 17/10/2017
Solved issues in Region-guide
Solved issues with widget Twitter in the website
Solved issue with blog css in the website
Solved issue with the search v1 ( working with viewer )
Add the Websearch in the website ( need more work )
Add the Websearch 2.0.1 in the grid stuff ( work with viewer )
Add options for admin .
Add warning close refactor in November in the part of Website refactor.osgrid.org
Start add the old system webprofile in option in the profile user website ( choose with boolean )
Fixe a problem in the helper of Osgrid helper.osgrid.org
Redirect buy money viewer in the donation stuff website.
Add a timeout if the website not answer in 10 sec for not make latency in the Mysql server
Working in other php for php7 ready before change servers ...
Working in a new Webmap more modern with var regions work and fixe the problem of latency Webmap
Add currently user inworld for old users in a webpart ( need a login ) prohibed for user - 9 months.
Fixed with dan a date for remove refactor.osgrid.org and dev.osgrid.org

Update of the 11/01/2017
We have disabled some Vhost in apache and nginx.
Refactor are now disabled removed and saved in a archive.

Update of 11/15/2017
Added the Destination guide of Dj phil: have fixed some part for osgrid in,
Change the page Download, Viewer & Login, and Simulator config page.
In projet secret added some freebie of Wright plaza, fixe build mesh problem.
Fixe problem in websearch maybe change the entire websearch a one more basic with little query ;)
Fixe the SSL in TLS add chain for firefox and android.
Fixe the website bug in mobile stuff.
Added new guide in viewer with numbers of Avi in the region.
Make a update in the region guide.
Optimized nginx in max.
Start code for Working in groups, groups.osgrid.org for fixe all stuff ( date last login etc ) add a option for admin have access in all groups without enter in.
I add some code gift by dj phil in the month:
new WebMap working with google API
New page with free Coordinate in the grid.
New Small webmap with new script inworld for show it.

In futur:
Help dan move content and configuring servers.
Change offline Im for Offlinev2 ( need a upgrade of opensim.ini and Login service in grid )
Working in groups, groups.osgrid.org for fixe all stuff ( date last login etc ) add a option for admin have access in all groups without enter in.
Looking for using a CDN in 2 years