Hello , the purpose of this campaign is to help raise funds for both our PayPal account and our back up bank account so that if any unexpected emergencies arise we will have the funds necessary to cover those expenses involved. The average balances of our PayPal account has gradually decreased the past year or so. In the past we had averaged around $3,000 a month but unfortunately this has decreased to around $1,500 in recent times. We do not want to replace your current donations going to the PayPal account, this is just to help us increase what we have already. The goal we have set is $3,000 or more. To date (as of September 3rd, 2017) we have already received a generous donation of $1,000 towards the campaign. Thus leaving $2,000 to raise during the campaign itself. There will be two parts to this campaign.

A match is a type of pledge of support, but is contingent on receiving pledges during the campaign to which it will double that pledge. Thus if someone pledged $25 then a match would double that amount up to $25, thus the amount raised would be $50 towards the over all goal. We will be accepting Matches up to the date of the campaign on September 29th, 2017. To date (as of September 3rd, 2017) we have received $350 in challenge matches. We would like to get as much as $1,000 in this area, so that all the pledges can be doubled during the actual campaign.

would like to issue a challenge match for the campaign please send the following info and we will include your match in the totals, can copy and past the below questions to your email if you wish to make a challenge match:

Challenge Match

A. The match amount: $
B. Your avatar name:
C. Your email address:
D. Do you wish recognition? Yes or No
E. How do you wish to pay for the match?
either by PayPal or by mailing a check or money order to our P. O. Box

Send your match via email to this address:

Now premiums are another way you can help. Just send us an email to the same email address above. Let us know what you wish to offer and at what pledge level. A premium would be anything you have built yourself that those that pledge may like to have. This may be a rezzed item or even a service which you would provide. Say for instance someone pledges $100 during the campaign, and you had offered an Oar of a tropical paradise for that amount. If they choose that as a thank you for their donation, we will contact you with their avatar name so that you can provide them with a copy of the item once they have paid the pledge. Or say you offer a customized landscaping for them on their own sim. We would follow the same procedure once they had paid.
A pledge of support would generally be made during the actual campaign start on September 29th, 2017, however we can accept pledges anytime leading up to the starting date, and we will include your donation in the totals. Pledges do not have to be paid immediately (however we would appreciate that). They can be billed to you at a later date, but we do request that you do pay before the end of the year. Your pledge can be a one time larger donation of any amount you choose or you can make monthly payments via PayPal or by check. What you would report to us in the case of monthly pledges is the amount you will be paying per month and what that would be for a year. We will include that yearly total in our totals for the campaign. If you are already making monthly payments via PayPal please do not include that amount in the campaign.

This is the information we need from you if and when you make a pledge towards this campaign, please copy and paste the below list to your email:


A. The Pledge amount: $
B. Your avatar name:
C. Your email address:
D. Do you wish recognition? Yes or No
E. How do you wish to pay for the pledge?
either by PayPal or by mailing a check or money order to our P. O. Box
F. Will this be a single payment or will you pay it monthly?
G. If you would like a premium with your pledge these will be listed on the website, please choose one for you pledge level and once you have paid your pledge we well let the person that donated it know who you are to deliver it.

Send your pledge via email to this address:

Please make all checks or money orders payable to OSgrid Inc. If you wish to send us a check, a money order or any foreign checks please mail to the following address:
Osgrid, Inc.
P. O. Box 1001
Rincon, GA 31326 USA

Thank you for your support . All donations are tax deductible in the United States according to the IRS rules, as OSgrid, Inc is a 501(c)3 Non profit organization. If you have any questions about the above please ask here and I will respond as quickly as possible.

The actual Fundraising Carnival Campaign will be held during the various DJ Dances starting Friday September 29th, 2017 through Sunday October 2nd, 2017 at Event Plaza. You will find a large thermometer there which will indicate in real time what we have received for the campaign. The theme will be a Carnival and our DJ's will be reminding you and our visitors why we need your support for OSgrid during the Dance parties. OSgrid is the main testing grid for opensim, so its important that everyone contribute to its financial health and continued operations regardless if you are a resident or reside on another grid. We thank you your participation and anything you would like to contribute to its success. We will be doing updates on the various Saturday Q&A Meetings held each Saturday at the Wright Plaza Office Building. Please attend if you have questions, you want to participate, or have suggestions on how we can make this campaign more successful. - albertlr Landar - Treasurer OSgrid, Inc.