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Fast and stable

OSGrid uses modern technology: Load balancing, proxy, and official OpenSim development code! The future of OpenSimulator is here.


Joining OSGgrid is an opportunity for you; we work tirelessly to always do better.

Testing grid for OpenSimulator

We test and run full featured development code for OpenSimulator!

Latest technology servers

OSGgrid uses the latest generation of servers and cutting-edge technology to provide solid grid services offering the best experience.

Take advantage of official plaza regions

We provide public regions for socializing, building, gaming, shopping and dancing. Come explore the different places!

Ready to create an account?

Easy and free, in 2 minutes your account is created and you can log in and explore OSGrid. It doesn’t get any simpler!


OSGrid is free to use and will remain so. All donations help to finance our servers. Donate now and support the future of OSGrid. Donate now. You will not be disappointed .


Dan Banner

Board President In-World Admin

Grid Maintenance / Administrator - Plazas

Foxx Bode

Board Secretar In-World Admin

Administrator Homesteads - Plazas

Sarah Kline

Board Member In-World Admin

Homesteads - Wright Plaza Shops

Paela Argus

Board Member In-World Admin

Grid Maintenance / Administrator Webpart

Aussie Envee

In-World Admin

Event Plaza Administrator

Jim Jackson

In-World Admin

Homesteads - Plazas

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