See the planned work for 2019:


With my health problem, I would not be able to do everything that is planned in time, I would ask you to be very patient
Please for the bugs use this page: Click here for report a problem
I always answer the mail not always to the private message and even less the notecard who go directly to the trash thank you,


Website: New addons in part account user in website https://www.osgrid.org/ Login Account -> Profile -> My Groups DONE!
Website: Fixe Generator files Regions.ini DONE!
Website: Allow alt on same mail DONE!
Website: Update map for var regions IN WORK!
Website: Rewrite complete system accounts without Drupal IN WORK!
Website: New tool for admins PLANNED FOR APRIL
Website: Forums that forums have a lots of problem with PhpBB this work need some days for fixe it and need close the forum for 2 weeks in march
Website: Make cache website in cloud PLANNED FOR JUNE
Website: Fixe partner system in a new one

Grid: Fixe problem latency in profile
Grid: Add offline message in V2
Grid: Add mute in robust
Grid: Nginx new think in configuration for supporting 300 onlines max of 150 actual
Grid: Groups need a important work for show date of users login in groups and lock groups system for osgrid only and can not be used by others grids
Grid: Hack system viewer money for donations linked with paypal for user can donate directly in viewer with a message is donated to grid not for money.