Logging into the Grid 

The easiest and fastest way to log into OSgrid is to use one of
the viewers listed below and select OSgrid in the grid list/manager.

 Firestorm 6.6.14 (69596) Release 

Download (Windows): Firestorm 6.6.14
Download (Windows x64): Firestorm 6.6.14
Download (Linux x64): Firestorm 6.6.14
Download (Intel Mac 64): Firestorm 6.6.14

 Singularity 1.8.7 (6861) Release 

Download (Windows): Singularity 1.8.7
Download (Windows x64): Singularity 1.8.7
Download (Linux): Singularity 1.8.6
Download (Linux x64): Singularity 1.8.6
Download (Intel Mac): Singularity 1.8.6

Grid manager settings

LoginURI: http://login.osgrid.org/
Login Page: https://www.osgrid.org/splash/
Helper URI: http://helper.osgrid.org/
Website: https://www.osgrid.org
Support: https://www.osgrid.org
Account: https://www.osgrid.org/accounts/?q=user/register
Password: https://www.osgrid.org/accounts/?q=user/password/

- OSgrid.org does not provide technical support for any viewers -